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Staff Development


Staff Development

Significance, its need and importance of Staff Development Programs:

1. To comprehend technology and use it effectively:

The Gen Z and millennial generation have thrived on technology. However, the same is not the case with traditional school educators. The strength of the majority of the teacher population in India lies in offline education, supported by solid offline infrastructure. Hence, training in the use of online resources and methodologies becomes supremely essential.

Right from understanding the basics of an ed-tech interface to understanding the significance, power, and benefits of it to the overarching e-education ecosystem is important. A well-rounded understanding of the technology that determines the future of education also empowers the teachers to use it smartly and create an effective online teaching environment.

2. Continuous professional development:


Continuous Professional Development enables the teachers to stay updated on new methods of teaching, skill development, techniques to map students learning and academic progress, and so on. CPD equips the teaching workforce to sustain and refine their skills and deliver a more result-oriented teaching experience to the students.

CPD also enables the teachers to track and update their teaching and assessment methods and enables them to explore more advanced and updated techniques from an academic point of view as well as for processes like webinars, extra-curricular modules, and events, skill development workshops, etc.

3. Educating the present generation for a better future:

Post getting familiar with the key factors of technology and understanding the process, it then becomes important to impart the same knowledge to students to give them a proper direction on the path of learning. Teacher training programmes must comprise vital topics required for betterment of students not only from an academic perspective but also from a technological perspective.

4. Creating a positive tech-friendly learning environment:

The process of technology training in teachers helps them understand its pros and it gives them the space to explore more methods of innovative teaching and exploring multiple new educational avenues.

This process in turn creates a positive learning environment that enables the teachers to encourage the students further towards productive tech-led learning. A positive learning environment guarantees better performance from teachers and students alike.

5. Enhancing academic performance and helping in skill development:

The right assessment tools can simplify the responsibilities of an educator. The assessment technology can be an effective support system that helps in time and effort conservation and deliver timely and conclusive analysis that can better a student's academic performance and skill development.