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Guidelines For Students


Guidelines For Students

Student’s Code of Conduct

  • Students are expected to attend the school regularly. 85% attendance is necessary for promotion to the next class. 75% attendance is required to appear in the Board Examinations.
  • Students are supposed to report in proper school uniform as per the specified days, clean shoes and socks.
  • Personal hygiene and cleanliness of every student in the school is essential.
  • Try to speak English at all times in the school premises.
  • Preserve an atmosphere of silence and serious work during class hours.
  • Take an honest pride in keeping the school clean.
  • While moving around the school, maintain a proper single line in silence and order.
  • Turn off the lights and fans while moving out from a room.
  • Take care of the school property.
  • Be responsible to look after one’s own belongings and articles.
  • Respect the Principal, teachers, school staff and visitors by greeting them.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disrespect, dishonesty, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school within or without, are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a pupil.

Things Not Permitted:

  • Wallets /money bags
  • Hair gel and hair colour
  • Wearing of tattoos
  • Long nails and nail paint
  • Tight-fitted, low waist trousers.
  • Sleeveless, short /revealing dresses.
  • Personal CDs, pen drives etc.
  • Mobile phones, IPODs, PSPs
  • Fancy watches
  • Fancy foot wear
  • Pan masala, Tobacco, Supari etc.
  • Cosmetics, fancy hair clips and combs
  • Danglers / Jewellery and any other accessories
  • Chewing gum, chocolates, chips etc.


Eight Fold Paths Of Ideal Teresian

  • 01

    We are peace loving

    We pray daily for universal peace.

  • 02

    We are punctual

    We are well organized and time bound.

  • 03

    We are honest

    We stand for the truth.

  • 04

    We are compassionate.

    We respect the feelings of everyone.

  • 05

    We are environmental sensitive.

    We love and preserve the
    resources of mother earth.

  • 06

    We are responsible.

    We shoulder assigned work
    with responsible.

  • 07

    We are respectful.

    We see divineness in everyone
    one we come across.

  • 08

    We believe in unity.

    Unity in diversity is our