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Admission and Withdrawal


Admission and Withdrawal


  • Registration for admission to NURSERY is generally done in the month of December/January.
  • Admission to all the other classes will be done in January/February as per the availability of seats.
  • Admissions for the Kindergarten & Grade I – VIII are granted only after an interaction with the child and parents. From Grade IX onwards admissions are granted solely through written entrance examinations.
  • The Principal/Headmistress admits children only after they are selected by a Selection Committee consisting of three members constituted by the correspondent.
  • All the Christian children will be given admission to the classes where bulk admissions are made, subject to their eligibility.
  • The very condition of admission will be that the parents/guardian will comply strictly with the terms and conditions given in the school almanac and the fees and other charges laid down. Any future changes regarding Rules and Fees will also be binding on them.
  • Parents and guardians are warned that admission will be strictly on the merits of the candidates. Any effort of seeking admissions through recommendation will debar the pupil from getting admission.
  • On all matters to admission, the decision of the Management is final and reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without furnishing any reasons.



  • You need to make an application in the prescribed form, one month in advance, to obtain a School Leaving Certificate.
  • A No Dues certificate (supplied by the school) from relevant departments of the school.
  • Parents/Guardians should ensure that all dues are cleared before applying for the school leaving certificate.
  • School Leaving Certificate or any other Certificates can be applied for and collected up to ten days after the Summer Vacation begins. Late applications will be considered only when the school reopens after Summer Vacation.